Conoce a los emprendedores líderes mexicanos que ya participaron en el programa de YLAI Internacional y que ahora forman parte de su importante red de vinculación.


Sofia Cruz del Rio Castellanos Founder of Mexikatekatl and TEKITI

Sofia Cruz is the Founder of Mexikatekatl and TEKITI, organizations working in favor of business education for artisans in Mexico. Both organizations take pride in finding new market opportunities for local artisans by assisting in marketing their products and connecting them to businesses that will buy and sell their goods. Ms. Cruz studied Entrepreneurship and Business Development at ITESM (Tec de Monterrey) Guadalajara, where she graduated in 2012. She founded Mexikatekatl in October 2013 and created the brand TEKITI in November 2015. Mexikatekatl, is a business that matches local artisans and their wares with major buyers (hotels, restaurants, etc.) who want sources of traditional Mexican handicrafts for their businesses.


Claudia de Heredia Co-Founder and Growth Director Kichink

Claudia de Heredia is the Co-Founder and Growth Director of Kichink and is one of the pioneers of e-commerce in Mexico. Kichink is the largest and fastest growing e-commerce solution in Mexico, powering over 50,000 small and medium-sized businesses. Her firm innovated ‎payment methods that allow even people without credit cards to make purchases through her platform. She co-founded the company in 2012 after her experience as commercial director at a web design agency. Claudia previously worked for 5 years at Procter & Gamble Mexico in the marketing department, managing international brands. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from ITESM (Tec de Monterrey) Campus Santa Fe.


Luis de Anda

Luis de Anda is the Co-Founder of Café Local, an organization focused on the creation of high quality coffee. Café Local supports partner producers to ensure quality and increase income. Café Local is committed to tackling poverty by creating a connection between coffee and its producers. He previously worked as an Account Manager for Sales at Philips Healthcare. Luis took industrial engineering classes at the Universidad Iberoamericana.


Mónica Camacho

Mónica Camacho is passionate about technology and how it can empower people, which is why she created La Cosita Chula, a platform that helps market products made by artisans and small producers. This not only empowers and encourages entrepreneurship from talented individuals, it also highlights Mexico's great cultural richness. Mónica previously worked for 5 years at Microsoft where she combined the application of technology and enterprise strategy to help organizations achieve their business goals. She has a Bachelor's degree from the IPN - UPIICSA.


Yolanda Cantu Garcia

Yolanda Cantu Garcia's biggest passion is children's welfare. Coet Learning Center is a private institution which develops specialized learning materials such as manuals, game boards, flashcards, speech sound materials and books for children who struggle due to a learning disability. Yolanda has Bachelor's degrees in Family Science and Psychology.


Emmanuel Gama

Emmanuel Gama is currently an advisor for a federal institution in Mexico which is in charge of regulating the health industry. He is also committed to the start-up TukTuk, which is devoted to finding a faster and more sustainable way to move people in a major city. TukTuk can take people from one place to another, by motorcycle-taxi, in half the time they would usually spend when using a traditional taxi.


Jesus Leyva

Jesus Leyva is the Co-founder and Technology Leader of a social program called Profesionalización de la Docencia, which is focused on providing training for public school teachers who are in need of new and modern skills. Jesus has a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business from Tec de Monterrey. He went on an exchange program at Schulich School of Business-York University in Canada in 2012 on a scholarship from the Emerging Leaders in the Americas Program (ELAP); this was sponsored by the Canadian government. He is also launching a startup along with his co-founder and team called SnapVisits that is focused on virtual reality.


Luis Martin del Campo

Luis Martin del Campo is the Founder and Project Leader of Katamba, an organization dedicated to creating an education system that trains facilitators and educators in ways to personalize educational experiences for students. He previously worked as a Graphic Arts Consultant at MBM Impresora. Luis founded Sporah, which was committed to creating sustainable nature-inspired production and consumption systems in food, energy, and water. Luis has a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business from the Universidad de Monterrey.


Carlos Molina

Carlos Molina is the co-founder of GIR Technologies, a startup focused on the creation of biotechnology and biomedical equipment. The startup is currently focused on the research and development phase. Carlos is also the co-founder of Laboratorios Etrederm, a company that since 2012 has been dedicated to the creation, production, and distribution of accessible dermatological specialties throughout the Mexican southeast. Additionally, Carlos is a guest lecturer of biotechnological entrepreneurship at the University of Yucatan. He holds a BS in Chemical Engineering, a post-graduate degree in Business Administration with a focus on Entrepreneurship, and a post-graduate degree on Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering with a focus on Regenerative Medicine.


Frissia Monsivais

Frissia Monsivais is the founder of First Leadership Center, a program which helps young females enhance their inner skills and abilities to promote self-empowerment. She is committed to helping young girls have better professional and personal growth. She has one associate’s degree and three bachelor’s degrees in education and business management. She also has a Master´s Degree on TEFL, and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. In addition, she works for the National Association of Technological Universities and volunteers at Fundacion Grupo Modelo. She is a Toastmaster International member.


Mario Nájera

Mario Nájera is dedicated to the development of successful impact models with an educational focus for young people in vulnerable conditions. He is the founder and CEO of Laboratorio Social Mx and they focus on empowering young people from urban slums by fostering industry and local projects. Laboratorio Social Mx attempts to foster entrepreneurship among young people.


Ingrid Orozco

Ingrid Orozco is the Co-Founder and CEO of Mujeres de las Américas and the Chief Marketing Officer of Mujer Emprende, both Mexican organizations focused on women’s development and economic empowerment in Mexico and Latin America. They also focus on boosting high social impact projects, as well as on English education. Ingrid is an internationalist; an expert in diplomacy, strategy, business expansion, and investment attraction; and she has had a dynamic career developing and implementing several projects in America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Middle East. She has also worked on behalf of other governments to reach international agreements, and worked on the design of the first event for women leaders in the Pacific Alliance region.


Efraín Orozco González

Efraín Orozco González is co-founder of Ubicuo Tech, a Mexican company focused on the development of technology platforms that allow societal participation in competitiveness and consumer services optimization. Gazú, its first app, was launched in summer 2016. Gazú is a conscious consumption tool that allows the user to assess, share, and comment on the reliability level, social and environmental responsibility, and service quality at Mexican gas stations. He was recognized as a social entrepreneur in 2014 for a project called WIXABIKLA as part of his co-founded NGO (ARSA, Social - Environmental Regeneration Agency), which solved mobility issues in indigenous wixaritari communities by using bicycles, installing mechanical workshops, and providing trainings. Efraín holds a degree in Environmental Engineering from the ITESO University in Guadalajara, where he is now a teacher.


José Reyes

José Reyes founded Estrenon, a for-profit social enterprise that disrupts poverty’s cycle of low self-esteem and exclusion by promoting the clothing reuse movement in Latin America. He was named The Young Social Entrepreneur of the Year in 2014, and he became the first and only Latin American winning the Diamond Award in MassChallenge Boston, the biggest accelerator and competition of entrepreneurs in the world in 2015. José has a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from the Universidad Panamericana Campus Guadalajara. He previously worked at PepsiCo Bebidas Mexico and at the Footwear Chamber in Jalisco. He has experience in marketing, research and development, project management, organizational culture, public relations, and corporate social responsibility.


Yesenia Sanchez

Yesenia Sanchez founded Yes Sanchez in 2013, where she designs and produces artisanal products for women. The Mexican design and accessory brand is committed to helping the environment, and the company selects recycled and ecological materials. She also works for the government institution FONART where she is in charge of developing textile projects in rural areas. She graduated from the Jesuit Universidad Iberoamericana with a degree in textile design in 2011.


Germán Santillan Ugarte

Germán Santillan Ugarte is the CEO and Founder of Oaxacanita Chocolate, a company which strives for the economic development of the Oaxacan Mixteca by hiring artisan cooks and palm craftsmen and by using local raw materials. Thanks to this project, Germán jumpstarted the cultivation of cacao to provide jobs to regional farmers and reactivate the Oaxacan field. In 2014, Germán completed his Business Science degree at the Tecnological University of the Mixteca, and in 2015 won the performance award of national academic excellence presented by EGEL CENEVAL. Germán is also the Finance Director of Sanfri Refrigeración Comercial, a company that provides industrial equipment to the food industry. He is the External Communications Manager for the Iluminarte Espacio Creativo art gallery, which is a non-profit organization that helps local visual artists of the Mixteca to maximize their potential.